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Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser shed light on Accusation After Defamation Suit

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A day after Chris Brown sued his accuser for defamation, she has now come out to explain why she levelled rape allegations against him.

This development is on the heels of the Police having a hard time with the stability of her story. She claimed to have been raped for 30 minutes by Brown before she was taking to another room to be raped by his friends. Thereafter that, she was taken to a third room where she was raped again. The police question why during all of that time, she did not scream for help or make any attempt to leave the scene after the rape.

Now, her lawyer, Frank Serfati has said that his client was under “great psychological pressure” rather than “pressured physically” during the alleged rape.

According to the Associated Press (AP), she was made to do it and it was “non-consensual sex.”

He went on to add that she was “cornered her in a room that was locked” and she “was only with men, older men, men who you imagine to be buff.”

As for Brown, he is still in Paris and focused on his music.

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