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Comedian I Go Dye advises those who say social media is for noisemakers

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Francis Agoda aka Comedian I Go Dye has issued a word of advice to all those who think social media is just an avenue for noisemakers to express themselves.

In a post he shared on Instagram, Francis Agoda revealed that social media is rather a means for social change because the outcry witnessed on social media has changed lots of lives.

He also advised people to make use of the various social media platforms to lend their voice towards ensuring that government see to the needs of people. According to him, doing such is better than opposing voices using social media to achieve such aim.

He wrote:

“FOR THOSE WHO THINK PEOPLE MAKE NOISE ON SOCIAL MEDIA YOU ARE WRONG. Social media is means of mass communcation that has given hope and caused uprising in many countries . It has created a means of protest to many issues, generating attention and mediums of social change and revolt against government, helping those who have oppressed to be heard.You may not believe in the out cry on social media, but I can gladly tell you that it has liberated many people and it’s the most formidable means of speaking and reaching out to the larger society in this 21st century. We can’t make progress as a nation if all we do is remain silent and take up arms as the only means of expressing our displeasure on certain issues against government.

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