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"I am innocent... The truth is the best defence" Jussie Smollett says he is willing to 'fight or die' to be cleared after pleading not guilty to renewed charges

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Jussie Smollett has been re-charged for allegedly lying to cops about the hate crime he claims was perpetrated against him in Chicago a year ago, and he insists he's innocent and will keep saying his truth.


TMZ caught up with the actor as he was leaving the Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday, February 25. 


Smollett, who has pled not guilty again, insisted that he's innocent when asked about being charged again.


He was with his lawyer and introduced her to the photographer so that the questions could be directed to her. His lawyer said Jussie is a tough cookie and will pull through.


The photographer then asked: "You claim to be innocent still. Are you still maintaining your innocence?"


Jussie replied: "I don't claim to be innocent. I am innocent."


Smollett's legal team has filed a motion for the case to be dismissed over double jeopardy, meaning that you can't prosecute someone over the same offences twice.


The TMZ photographer asked Jussie if he was going to stick to his story that he's innocent or hope that the double jeopardy argument saves him.


"This double jeopardy thing is a fascinating argument that we're talking about. You think that can hold up in court?


"I do, that's why we filed the motion," Jussie's lawyer said.


The photographer then asked: "Jussie, listen, which is a better defence: you didn't do it, or the double jeopardy?"


Jussie replied, saying: "The truth is the best defence."


Watch the video here.

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