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"If food keeps a man, I would have had 3 kids by now" Uriel says as she advises women to build themselves

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Uriel has advised women to build every other aspect of their lives and not focus only on their culinary skills.

The former reality star made this statement after a fan wondered why she isn't married yet despite the fact that she takes very good care of her mum and knows how to cook well.

Sharing a screenshot of the follower's message, Uriel revealed that food isn't the only thing that keeps a man, because if that were the case, she would have been married a long time ago. She went on to advise women to develop other skills and work on nurturing other talents, rather than focus only on learning how to cook.

She wrote:

Food does Not Keep A man.. ?‍??
If it did I would have 3 kids by now!!.
Secondly why is it always a problem when a woman is Not Married at by age of 27 ?? No cause for Alarm HERE.. Dont ever let anyone tell you how to live your life, because it Gets real ah Na only you.. Thirdly I do more than Take of my family.. I run 3 businesses and Im educated.

Ladies build yourself always have something to bring to the Table..

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