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Nigeria's Buhari saga: The fake wedding, the president and the family feud

Written by Boma Bravura Al
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Nigeria's first family, the Buharis, are embroiled in a still-developing story resembling one of Nollywood's many Sunday-evening soap operas.

It is a story about the president purportedly taking a second wife - a female cabinet member to boot - while his wife's furious outburst hint at deeper issues. The plot was supplied by Nigeria's vibrant social media and was aided by Mrs Buhari's cryptic comments. The setting is Nigeria's presidential villa, Aso Rock.

What's all this talk about a wedding?

The wedding at the centre of the story that was largely played out on social media involves President Muhammadu Buhari, and one of his female cabinet ministers, Sadiya Farouq.

What we do know is that President Muhammadu Buhari is married to Aisha Buhari and has not said anything about taking a new wife.

Ms Farouq has not said anything either about the purported marriage.

It could easily have been dismissed as fake news and left at that, but for a comment from Mrs Buhari.


What did Aisha Buhari say?

She had been out of the country for two months with a stop in the UK for a medical check-up. Her return was taken by those following the story as a sign that she had come back to "defend her territory".

Her response when asked at the airport about the wedding did little to extinguish rumours that the president was taking another wife.

In an interview with BBC Hausa, the first lady offered confirmation, albeit in a very cryptic way, that there had indeed been plans for President Buhari to take a second wife, by referring to a "promise of marriage". She also said that the purported bride-to-be was disappointed the marriage hadn't taken place.

Mrs Buhari said: "The person that promised her marriage didn't know it wasn't going to happen. She [believed to be Ms Farouq] didn't deny the marriage until the day passed."

She spoke entirely in Hausa, measuring her words and mentioning no names. But it was clear from the interview that Mrs Buhari was upset that Ms Farouq hadn't publicly denied rumours of the marriage.

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