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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 12:40

Seun Kuti reacts to Kanye West's U-Turn from politics

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Seun Kuti and Kanye Seun Kuti and Kanye

Kanye West, who has been heavily criticized for supporting President Donald Trump, announced he's "distancing himself from Politics" while admitting he has been used to spread messages he doesn't believe in and now showing support to the greater cause

Reacting to his dramatic and sudden change of heart, Seun Kuti the son of late Afrobeat pioneer, Fela Kuti described Kanye as a "traitor"

He said;

One day we as motherland people all over the world will start to listen to those that are actually doing the work for our progress. We shall shut out and alienate those among us that lead our youths astray, intentionally. One day tweeted apologies won’t cut it anymore. One day a traitor shall be just that. A TRAITOR.

One day we will forgive our friends their trespasses and hold oppressors accountable for their unforgivable sins against us instead. Sometimes I wonder how many friends we have lost over nonsense while we excuse the ones creating the conditions for this warped existence to exist.

I am not mad at Kanye, I am sorry for my people.

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