Thursday, 02 May 2019 15:39

Simi Reveals She Once Paid 42 Thousand For A Plate Of Spaghetti After Getting Drunk

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There are many times some actions are being taken and throughout the time they were being done, one wouldn’t be conscious of exactly what was going on. In most cases, the reason for such awkwardness is not ordinary, but as a result of the intoxication one gets from taking alcohol.

This was the case with Simi last night when she revealed she once paid the sum of forty-two thousand naira for a plate of Spaghetti as a result of being tipsy after taking alcohol.

The singer who took to Twitter yesterday to make a recount of some of the things that alcohol leads her to do, made the shocking, hilarious and awkward revelation.

She wrote; “Lol, i’m not drunk, just super tipsy, i’ve never been drunk, except that one time when i drank this long island TWICEEEE and slept like idiot after paying 42k for spaghetti. So stupid.”

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