Tuesday, 28 May 2019 15:40

Speed Darlington shows the effect weed had on him as he reveals he's been off the substance for weeks now

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Speed Darlington has shown the effect marijuana had on him when he was addicted to the plant.

The internet sensation shared a photo of his face with the skin looking rough and blamed it on Cannabis. He said the plant was "eating" him up "from the inside out". He added that he has been off weed for 57 days now.

He wrote: "October 31st, 2017 I was deep into weed I ? nothing but exotic / Sour Diesel. This was a few months after I released #BangDaDaDang! Available on SpeedDarlington.tv the thing was eating me up from the inside out now I have 57 days no weed from April 1st to today I have not inhale any smoke I'm so strong ? my willpower is mad."

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