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US Billionaire Fulfills Dream - To Die Poor. Gives ₦3.48 Trillion To Charity

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Billionaire fulfills a lifetime wish-to die broke: Duty Free Shoppers co-founder Chuck Feeney, 89, gifts charity his $8 billion fortune-and claims he's happier than ever (but he has kept himself $2 million)

Duty Free Shoppers, a former billionaire co-founder of the airport shopping giant, has given up all his vast fortune and is now shattered, but he maintains that he couldn't be happier.

With Robert Miller's invention of Duty Free Shoppers, Charles' Chuck 'Feeney, 89, raked in billions but wanted to die without any income.

The philanthropist was famous for his promise to give all his money away to charitable causes, a dream that was fulfilled this year in September after donating more than $8billion to charities, universities, and foundations through his organization Atlantic Philanthropies.

He gave $3.7billion to education, including nearly $1billion to his alma mater Cornell, more than $870million to human rights and social change including $62million in grants to abolish the death penalty in the US and $76million for grassroots campaigns supporting the passage of Obamacare, according to Forbes.

He also gave more than $700million in gifts to health causes ranging from a $270million grant to improve public healthcare in Vietnam to a $176million gift to the Global Brain Health Institute at the University of California, San Francisco.

One of his final gifts was a $350million donation for Cornell to build a technology campus on New York City’s Roosevelt Island.

'Chuck was a cornerstone in terms of inspiration for the Giving Pledge,' Warren Buffett said.

'He's a model for us all. It's going to take me 12 years after my death to get done what he's doing within his lifetime.'

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