Friday, 03 May 2019 18:31

“Why Do We Always Have To Depend On Europe & America For Help” – Burna Boy Slams The African Hierachy

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Burna Boy has once again given his remarks on the socio-economic challenges facing the continent of Africa in a thoughtful statement he released on one of his social media platforms.

The singer who is famous for not shying away from expressing his mind on societal issues has taken to his Instagram story to take the current natural disaster affecting Mozambique to question the African hierarchy on why it depends so much on the westerners for help when any country in Africa falls victim of natural disasters.

The singer expressed his disappointment at why the continent which is blessed with abundant riches and resources would not be able to attend to it’s own problems except it calls for back up or assistance from the west…

He wrote; “There must be a way to help ourselves, how do we donate funds? We need our own AFRICAN emergency AID systems for AFRICA by AFRICANs . We are so rich in Africa, why must we always wait for help from Europe, America or even the “UN”?

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