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Thursday, 08 November 2018 11:09

Yemi Alade Returns To Her Secondary School 12 Years Later To Celebrate Her Principal's 71st Birthday

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Yemi Alade Yemi Alade

The Nigerian music sensation, Yemi Alade, today visited her secondary school where the Principal was celebrating his 71st Birthday.
To Mark the visit and celebration, the Nigeria music queen brought an eye machine for her former school. The Johnny cronner shared the news on her instagram account.

In her words, she confessed on her mum demanding she appreciates  the schools she attended.;

12 years ago when I was a pupil in His school, he marked his 71st Birthday and here we are, ALIVE AND "LIVING" !!! True Legacy!!! LivingLegend! DR C.F.I Olaniyan

My mum always wanted me to do something that showed gratitude to the schools I have

In attendance was her classmates and seniors which she revealed that flogged her very well during the old times

The 3 adults in this picture flogged the "hell" out of me... oh lawd! Their flogging technique can wake up any corpse my "yansh" hurts just thinking about it (clenched cheeks)... I struggled to read what teachers wrote on the black board because I was short sighted and today all the kids experiencing the same issue will be screened for free and will get Free medicated glasses, as well as "hearing tests" and Free exercise books...


The gentle man in while/red didn't flog me ooh he is a representative of @reddigntonlagos

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